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Date: 2020-07-01      Final Day Of June, 2020 Tarpon Fishing Report - Miami/Miami Beach, FL

Miami tarpon fishing
Fished an evening tarpon trip last night with Kory, Katy, and Kristyn. Made the run to Government Cut.
I didn't like the conditions at the first location I set up at so I made a major move. Just after putting the baits out at the second location, I saw a tarpon rolling. Several minutes later we marked 4 fish on the side scan. A couple of minutes after that we had our first hook up. Kory took the rod and got to experience his first tarpon. The tarpon put on a good show before we released it.
Reset our drift and once again marked a nice group of fish on the side scan. One of the three rods we had out bent over and it the Katy's turn to catch her first tarpon. Her tarpon was larger than Kory's. We released the tarpon after about 15 minutes while it was still daylight.
Set up another drift and now we were getting into the dusk period. As with the other two drifts, we marked a fish, this time a single. We hooked up and it was now Kristyn's turn. She had the biggest fish of the evening on. The tarpon gave her everything it had, however, she was ready for it and in the end we released her first tarpon.
After that, we marked only one other tarpon. We did get one more bite that turned out to be a mutton snapper that we released.
Final total for the evening was 3 for 3 on tarpon and 1 mutton snapper. Everyone caught their first tarpon. Kory, you can now tell your wife that you caught a tarpon that was 5 times bigger than hers.

Captain Dave Kostyo
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