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Date: 2021-05-16      Mid-May 2021 Tarpon Report - Miami/Miami Beach, Florida

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Last night's trip with Steve and Brooke had two goals. The first - get Brooke her first tarpon. The second - Steve's first tarpon trip in what he said was way to long a time.

Started on the north side at Government Cut. Marked several tarpon, however, like tarpon can be they didn't want to feed. As dusk came on, we moved to the south side. First drift, we hooked up and the fish made a jump that cleared the water. Even from where we saw it we could tell it was well over 100 pounds. Steve took the rod and the fish ran straight for the deep water. We caught up and got ahead of the tarpon only to have the hook pull.

Next drift, we hooked up again. This time the tarpon made one jump and gave us back our hook. Was it going to be one of those type evenings?

Next drift, hooked up solid this time. It was Brooke's turn to try and catch her first tarpon. The fish made a run for the deep water with us in chase. While Brooke was moved to the opposite side of the boat, the fish turned around and ran toward the west. The line was under the boat and caught on an engine. Got that cleared and started catching up to the fish. There was a flats skiff fishing where we were headed. This time our line was under his boat. We free spooled the line and kept a light thumb pressure on the line. Meanwhile, the guys on the flats skiff cleared the line from their motor and we were back to chasing the tarpon. Got the leader catch on the tarpon and it made a run under my boat and caught an engine. Got that cleared and we were still hooked up. About 10 minutes later, I released Brooke's first tarpon of 80 pounds.
Some fish are just destined to be caught and Brooke's first tarpon was one of them. Good work Brooke, you now are hooked on tarpon fishing.

Made several more drifts and got a few more bites and it seemed like I was using rubber hooks. That's tarpon fishing.

First goal accomplished. Second goal accomplished.

Captain Dave Kostyo
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